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Clue – Best Energy Drink in India. Introducing you with a package full of “power & energy”, Clue.  Clue Energy Drink “The Battery for Your Ultimate Kick of Energy” is one of the amazing power booster drink for those who love to be energetic and fresh the entire day.

An energy drink that gives you a boost of energy whenever and wherever you need it. Just grab a refreshing can of Clue Energy Drink, a source of energy for both body and mind.

Clue is one of the Best Energy Drink in India. Clue is an “Austrian” product that made from all the way to Austria to the Indian market. Clue contains useful vitamins like B3, B5, B6 & B12 and minerals in it that are useful for the body. It boosts up your brain functions and make it work more efficiently. Clue helps you in weight loss as well as maintain your metabolism.

It gives you an instant boost and extra power giving you a refreshing experience. A package full of power that enhances your stamina making you feel some extra power.

Our wide range of products made them the largest manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages in the world. The years of experience and expertise speak for them. Clue India take pride in being a part of this Austrian company.

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